Over 5 decades of experience is what Dave and Beth Irvin bring to your guests. That means guaranteed toe tapping, clapping and smiles for each person in the audience.

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Dave and Beth Irvin

With a passion for music that started in their childhood, Dave and Beth grew up hundreds of miles apart. Both from rural communities, Beth grew up in Texas while Dave grew up in areas surrounding Kansas City.

More than 30 years ago, circumstances and music brought them together. Since that time, they have been performing as husband and wife entertaining at corporate events, church events, fairs and festivals and many other special events.

As Christian entertainers based out of Kansas City, they bring a wholesome family style show to audiences across the country. With big imaginations and many talents, they use their singer-song writing skills in addition to their comedic insight to create original uplifting songs as well as original characters like Lizzy Lou (brought to life by Beth). Dave’s own style of guitar (“or lack thereof” so he says) and their voices brings a unique sound to any stage.

Your audience is in for a treat when you bring the multi-talented Dave and Beth Irvin to your next event.

“Wonderful, original, fresh comedy and Gospel music that pack a powerful message”

David Andrews

Pastor, Fairmount Bible Church

“Transparent, funny and spoke God’s word beautifully with a humble heart”

Ann Cox

King Solomom Retreat

“Dave and Beth fulfilled all my wishes…they even wrote a custom song for me”

Karen Vink

60th Birthday party

Who IS Lizzy Lou?

Hilarious comedian, Lizzy Lou, will make you laugh with clean, wholesome original comedy. After winding your audience up with side-splitting laughter, something amazing happens. She begins to transform in front of her audience into Beth. First her voice and then a gradual costume change, it awakens something in each person’s soul as she describes the wonderful transformation that can take place in every one of us. Lizzy Lou is a creation of both Dave (the comedy writer) and Beth (the actress). Beth works most often as a duo with her husband, Dave, who plays guitar and sings as well (Dave jokingly says, “I’m never sure which one I’m going to wake up to!”). Sometimes Lizzy presents as a solo artist with backup music. Dave and Beth have presented this style of show for corporate events, church events, fairs & festivals, conventions and private affairs. Beth and Lizzy have appeared at Women’s Retreats nationally. Dave and Beth’s performances are completely customizable since they are both singer-songwriters. Lizzy says, “Dave and Beth always promise to provide a quality, clean show appropriate for all ages that is fun, entertaining and uplifting!”